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Since 2017

Do you feel lonely in the Kanton Zug? 

Do you want to meet new friends?


           Join us  - We are more than just a Meetup Group

                     Meetup Group & Feeling Home

  • Meetup Group - over 2'000 Members and 150 Events

  • Podcast "Switzerland - Meeting New Friend Podcast " - 10'000 Listeners 

  • Instagram & Facebook - over 2'500 Followers

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"Dear Sandra,

I'm touched beyond words with your selfless act to welcome newcomers to Zug and creating a foundation at meetup where people can have fun whilst encountering cross-cultural activities!

We actually just need more people like you, if we actually wish to make this very society an ideal one for all of us to live in.
A lot of appreciation as well as a lot more applause you actually deserve because of the amazing work you are doing for the very welfare of our society, not everyone actually has these many guts to do that.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Ankush, India

"When I moved to Switzerland, Sandra’s Meetup was the lifebelt for my social life. After having joined just the first event I already gained a couple of friends and felt at home. What I love about Sandra’s Meetups is her flexibility and the wide range of events that she organizes. Not only drinks, not only German classes or sports activities but also walking tours and visiting traditional Zuger events in the whole canton. If this wasn’t enough, I also met my love at one of the events. I won’t exaggerate when I say that Sandra has changed my life. Merci vielmal!*

Elli, Greece

Sandra's Meetup events are a perfect place to start your adventure in Zug! Friendly and like-minded people from all backgrounds and regions of the world, a good vibe and a nice organization by Sandra make the landing in Switzerland much softer :-) 

Luis, Portugal

Sandra's meet-up group "Meeting New Friends in Zug" is the perfect opportunity for locals but also expats to meet for various activities and to close great new friendships.

As the group is often mixed with various nationalities, you can learn a lot about other cultures, and you can also improve your language skills in either English or German.

Sandra is a very lovely, open Swiss person who also can share lots of great ideas when you just moved recently to the country on how to find your way here and feeling very quick at home in Switzerland.​

Susanne, Germany

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